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INSPIRE in•spire |in'spir| verb [trans.] 


1. to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative. See encourage


2. to heighten or intensify; serve as the inciting cause of


3. to fill with a quickening or exalting influence 

· create (a specified thought or feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person

· animate, as an influence, feeling, thought or the like

· give rise to


4. breathe in (air); inhale

Testimonials About My Music 

"From churches to CDs to street concerts to internet videos, I have followed the powerful sound of Cheryl's voice for many years. Each time I am more amazed at how beautiful her voice really is. Cheryl's voice moves deep emotions, stirs the spirit and lightens the heart. I could not imagine having anyone else sing at my parents’ memorial. At the service, as with every other time, her voice surprised and delighted. She sang the angels down from the heavens to guide my parents to their final resting place. Her voice is very special."

Keith Allen

"I met and fell in love with Cheryl Barclay's amazing voice nearly 10 years ago at church. I remember one day after service calling Cheryl "Little Minnie". Cheryl looked at me like I had 2 heads! I guess I was dating myself, as I did not think that Cheryl knew that I was referring to her as the multi ranged vocalist Minnie Riperton. Not only did Cheryl resemble this amazing songstress, but her unbelievable ability to hit those high octave notes with such ease and grace left me trembling each time I heard her sing! My husband Gerard Kuenze and I asked her to sing at our wedding in September 2009. We asked Cheryl to sing whatever she wanted. Our only request was that she blow the roof off of the church so that her beautiful gift could be shared with all those who hadn't had the pleasure of hearing her fly!!! Cheryl chose 'The Lord's Prayer'. It is important for me to say that we were married in an Episcopal church, where, not unlike the Catholic Church, there is never any applause after a song. When Cheryl got through with that song, not only was there not a dry eye in the church, but the applause was thunderous! We watch and listen to the wedding video from time to time to hear her and it takes us back to such a wonderful and abundantly blessed moment in our lives!!!"

Anthony Richards

"The voice of Cheryl Barclay is the stuff of angelic musings and the stirring of the soul. There are songs that are a part of the American Songbook, performed by legends, that I hear in my head, but the voice singing them is Cheryl’s. Her voice has rectified my mind during tough times and brought Heaven to Earth when I've needed it most. I call her The Songbird and it is a moniker well-earned and well-deserved."

Elder Kevin E Taylor

"I had the pleasure of singing in a choir with Cheryl Barclay somewhere around 2009. As interim director for a short period, Cheryl led us, coached us and inspired us, all while remaining incredibly humble. Sometime later, I asked Cheryl to perform as a featured singer for a live taping for the cult House and Gospel phenom Kenny Bobien. She stepped to the mic demurely and proceeded to shut the entire church of over 1000 down with a flat footed solo that had to have opened the gates of St. Peter. To say Cheryl is a gifted singer is an almost criminal understatement. We have since become sisters in yoga and in life and I have been blessed to hear her perform live multiple times and each time I am more enthralled, enamored with and in awe of her vocal gifts. She is a tour de force who lifts my spirits exponentially every time she releases a song into the atmosphere."

Khairah Walker

"Beauty. Peace. Strength. Blessings. Comfort. Honesty. Inspiration. Joy. Breath. Life. Truth. Clarity. Hope. Healing. Harmony. Spirit. These are just some of the emotions and things I feel whenever I've been blessed to hear Cheryl sing. It's been that way from the very first time I ever heard her. It’s been 20 years… in worship, in performance, on different stages and different continents, in mourning, in celebration...always she never fails to evoke those feelings, not only in me, but in so many others as well. The lyrical beauty of the clearest, sweet, strong soprano voice has comforted, healed, and restored me in ways and more times than she will ever know. Cheryl’s singing brings beauty, light, hope, joy, and spirit into hearts and the world."

Lisa Mcclain-Freeney

"They call her The Songbird but we should call her Ms. Nightingale. Cheryl's voice is both angelic and soulful. She sings effortlessly. I've never experienced a spiritual breakthrough until I heard her sing 'Holy One'. The hairs on my body stood on end. It’s rather humorous watching Cheryl after she performs; before she gracefully exits her set she looks around waving the mic, confused as to whom to give it to or where to put it, all the while completely oblivious to the audience on their feet in thunderous applause…an example of her humble nature. I've watched crowds’ jaws drop as those high-pitched notes exude from her small frame. She is truly gifted and can easily be compared to the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Teena Marie."

Gigi Torres

"When I hear Cheryl sing, I feel like I am transported into a serene and relaxing realm. Her voice takes you through the song as if you are feeling it too. Her voice sounds so powerful yet silky and crisp. It moves and inspires me, giving me chills up my spine and making me a little teary eyed, especially when she soars over the high notes. I don’t think Cheryl is truly aware of the deep impact her voice has on others when they hear her sing. Some of my favorites of Cheryl's are: 'Evergreen', 'Ave Maria' and 'Safety'."

Jo Lachica

"When Cheryl sang at my daughter's baptism she captivated the audience with her beautiful voice and melted my heart because it was such a special song for me and my baby. Cheryl also sang at our wedding and I remember like it was yesterday, it was absolutely magical."

Leslie and Albert Gil

"Cheryl has a very unique singing voice. She sang ‘Ave Maria’ at our wedding in 2005 and brought many of us to tears. Her angelic soprano is moving and you feel it deep in your soul. She has amazing control of her voice and having heard her sing before, I knew I had to have her sing at our wedding. I've had the pleasure of listening to Cheryl sing on many occasions and can honestly tell you she has a very special gift. When Cheryl sings she commands the stage with her confident presence. Her voice will haunt you, in a good way; you'll want to keep hearing her sing again and again."

Janeth Paez

"When Cheryl sings, I get goose bumps because I know I have literally heard divinity. Her voice takes me to another state of consciousness and the music is all I hear. It is meditative, uplifting, and feeds my soul. She has sung for many of my major life events and I am truly blessed by her gifts and so grateful to know her."

Melody S. Chartier

"I had the privilege of having Cheryl sing at my wedding 20 years ago. The minute I heard her voice I knew she was the one to deliver our message of love and happiness. Her voice reaches you and moves you to a place of peace and joy. Her voice reaches into your soul."

Cecilia Andler

"Cheryl Barclay is a truly gifted songbird whom I have had the honor of enjoying on numerous occasions. Her heavenly voice can inspire you to achieve beyond your dreams. Every time I have been blessed to experience hearing her angelic voice I’ve had goose bumps. Anyone who has the opportunity to experience this human gift of God called Cheryl should grasp the opportunity and never let go. I know that I look forward with anticipation to my next heavenly Cheryl experience!"

Ron Potochar

"Cheryl Barclay aka "Songbird" has the voice of an angel. The sweet, soft and melodic sound that she exudes pierces my very being. Cheryl sings 'Holy One' like no other, and if I close my eyes I can feel her vibration course through my body and touch my soul. Cheryl's nickname is "Songbird" for a reason...beautiful and melodious are the adjectives I would use to describe her voice and I never tire of hearing her sing ‘The Lord's Prayer’."

Teresa and Joan Brown

"I am a person of few words, mostly because I put great meaning into the words I choose - they need to truly convey my thoughts and feelings - so words to me are special. Having said that, I have been agonizing over how to express my feelings about Cheryl, AKA the "Songbird". Listening to Cheryl sing, experiencing her passion, reaffirms that there is a God. Only God could give someone such a gift. I am so thankful to Cheryl for sharing her gift with me and I pray she continues to share her gift with the world. I want others to feel the presence of the Lord as I do when she sings…she is such a blessing to me. Hallelujah!!"

Jeanette Williams

"The way I feel when I hear Cheryl’s voice: if velvet made a sound, this would be it. Her voice wraps me in warmth and takes me on a melodic rollercoaster. This is what happens when deep passion and incredible talent collide."

Deborah Glenn

"Cheryl’s singing means EASILY being able to take the essence of peace wherever you go. Her beautiful notes have the ability to both soothe and transform within minutes. The only thing better is the woman behind the voice."

Shaketa Brown

"A few years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of an authentic, anointed singing voice that cut through to my soul and reached the people to bring healing and wholeness!!! It was the voice of Cheryl Barclay!!! In the business you hear the words…the ‘IT’ factor. Sarah, Ella, Carmen, Billie, Nina - all had the ‘IT’ factor…and so does Cheryl Barclay!"

Archbishop Carl Bean

"I don't remember who I was, but I sure do know who I became after hearing Cheryl sing for the first time. Her beautiful, soothing soprano renders you transfixed and leaves you transformed. Among her extensive repertoire, my favorite is 'Holy One'."

Peggie Miller

"I still remember the first time I heard Cheryl’s voice...I thought omg, where is that coming from??!!! Beautiful, Angelic, Full, Powerful. I couldn't wait to sing with her!! Over the years my wish would come true on so many levels. From church choir, to backyard weddings and special birthday duets - to traveling across the world together! I have experienced her personal and professional growth with appreciation and honor. I'm still in awe of Cheryl’s gifts, and look forward to what's next for her!"

Jae Quinlan

"Cheryl is my muse. I hear her angelic voice singing perfect harmonies and then I am blessed with lyrics and full symphonies within the creative portion of my spirit....and oh, how she brings those dreams alive with her skillful renditions, turning my amateur compositions into masterpieces and raising audiences to their feet with tears in their eyes and newfound hope in their hearts! Why? Because they have been touched and inspired by the voice of an Angel, aka "Songbird', aka Cheryl Barclay."

JaVonne Armstrong

Soulful Empowerment through Movement and Sound

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