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INSPIRE in•spire |in'spir| verb [trans.] 


1. to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative. See encourage


2. to heighten or intensify; serve as the inciting cause of


3. to fill with a quickening or exalting influence 

· create (a specified thought or feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person

· animate, as an influence, feeling, thought or the like

· give rise to


4. breathe in (air); inhale

Testimonials From My Yoga Clients

"WHAT A FABULOUS CLASS!!!! I swear Cheryl needs to bottle her class and sell it!! I need absolutely everything about Cheryl’s class in my life on a daily basis…the flow, the music, the energy, etc! And what she reads at the beginning and end of class is EVERYTHING I need to hear and more! I am so thankful for the gifts Cheryl shares with us as a teacher."

Whitney Wilcher

"Cheryl is a very special teacher. I didn't know Cheryl before I met her in the studio but I've been taking class from her for over two years and I can say, without a doubt, that she's one of the best I've ever had. Cheryl's classes are challenging while still being fun and up-lifting. Her music selections are inspiring without being distracting and her adjustments are always on point and helpful. But what I love most about Cheryl is her energy. She is one of the most positive, supportive and loving people I know and this comes shining through as a teacher. Her classes practically glow with all the positive energy that is bouncing around between the yogis in the room and it all starts with Cheryl. She sets the example that we all follow for a fun, enthusiastic, supportive and spiritual 90 minutes. She's amazing!"

Lucas Platt

"I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 5 years. Never have I had a more exciting and challenging class as the one Cheryl offers her yogis. Starting back into yoga, I was self-conscious and felt less skilled and that maybe I wouldn't be able to keep up with the challenge. When you experience a class like Cheryl's, all of those inhibitions melt away. Suddenly, you can focus on the challenge of hot yoga and you can truly feel free to express your yogi self…whatever that means for you. And yes singing is always encouraged! The music blends perfect with her flow, and her energy is inviting and warm. Oh and our class selfies are the best. I am a yogi because of classes like hers."

Bianca Monero

"Cheryl is my absolute favorite yoga teacher! I recently returned to yoga after giving my body a break from several sports-induced injuries. After taking my first class with Cheryl, I knew I finally found where I needed to be. Cheryl has changed my entire approach to yoga and healing. She continues to teach me how to stay aligned and remember that it's yoga practice, not yoga perfect. Her classes keep me on my toes, literally. I have also learned how to breathe again and allow Space into my life…to give myself permission to practice my way. Cheryl is the epitome of spiritual Zen. Her classes are for the grown and sexy. Her playlists are amazingly fun and filled with soul. I truly value how much heart she gives to all of her classes and yogis. It's our playground and our time to woosaaah, and I always leave saying 'Yayayay!'."

Shawn Cece

"Cheryl has been an invaluable asset to my yoga practice. Each class with her is a unique and enjoyable experience, and I always leave feeling physically and emotionally invigorated! She has a physically challenging style of teaching, which she interweaves with the spiritual and mental facets of yoga. She does a great job at encouraging participants to explore their limits, and she will delicately adjust your pose so that you can move deeper into your practice. Her classes are always well-thought out, and the transitions are intentional and dynamic. Cheryl always brings a degree of warmth and joy to the class, and she is extremely supportive to all participants, and will often rally the entire class to cheer someone on who has been struggling with a particular pose. The camaraderie she promotes in her classes has been an unexpected but pleasant feature. She makes a conscious effort to learn the names of and familiarize herself with her students. She is a fantastic instructor, and I find myself adjusting my work schedule just so I can attend her classes. I definitely recommend taking a class with Cheryl – trust me, you’ll be back for more!"

Andrea Love

"In March 2015, I began a journey to lose weight, and become healthier and less sedentary. My sister had been doing yoga and I decided to give it a try. I took a hot power vinyasa class - my first class ever - when I was almost thirty pounds heavier! Little did I know how intense this type of class would be and how out of shape I actually was. I could barely hold my legs up, let alone stay in poses and balance in extreme heat. Initially discouraged, I was determined to stay with it, take some basics classes and then work my way back up to mixed level classes. Eventually I found myself in Cheryl's hot power vinyasa class. I knew it was advanced, but I wanted to give it another try now that I had learned the basics. Even though it was challenging, I felt comfortable taking Cheryl’s class as a beginner. She took time during class to adjust and show me the proper way to create, align, and hold poses. I instantly became more and more excited to take her classes. I began to feel more confident and even more encouraged as I started to lose weight and transition to a stronger body. Cheryl always encourages me to keep going even when I don't think I can and she makes me feel good about myself. Yoga became so much more to me than just a means of losing weight and getting stronger. Her positive dharma talks at the beginning of class, the meditation, learning control of breath, learning about my inner self, and the warm vibes during class are what keep me continuing my practice. A year later, I have worked up to attending hot power vinyasa classes 4-5 times a week. I feel stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually as well. Cheryl helps remind me about taking chances, going the extra mile, to be brave, and to practice, not perform ("It is yoga practice, not yoga perfect"). I have learned to apply this on and off the mat. I look forward to any class Cheryl teaches because I know I will be pushed and challenged in many ways. I enjoy her positive and amazing spirit. She has a true heart of gold and I am very proud to call her my mentor, my yoga teacher, and my friend. I am grateful for her joy during happy times as well as her concern during difficult times over this past year. I am truly inspired and very thankful for this community of accepting, wonderful, happy, and amazing people. I look forward to continuing my practice with Cheryl."

Karen Treanor

"Yoga with Cheryl is the perfect balance between body and soul. The breath and movement feel as one as you find time to shut off your brain, feel your heart and sweat a lot!!! Her inspirational talks at the beginning and end of class resonate with me each and every time, reminding us to embrace the imperfect as perfect, as she always says it is, "yoga practice, not yoga perfect." Hers is always a power-packed class filled with unique transitions, balance poses, twists and tons of core. As tough as this can be, I breathe, I move and all of a sudden we are done and I am on the floor in savasana, thrilled that I made it to the mat another week with Ms. Cheryl!!"

Rebecca Agid

"Yoga with Cheryl Barclay has changed my life. Her class has altered my physical being and my spirit... Cheryl always opens her class with an inspirational and encouraging reading that nurtures my soul and feeds my spirit. The readings set the tone for her classes and linger in your subconscious while you sink deep into the yoga poses. Cheryl's class also pushes you past your preconceived physical limitations. What a gift Cheryl graciously gives to us when she teaches a yoga class. She fills the yoga studio with warmth and goodness. Thank you Cheryl Barclay...Yoga angel!"

Toyin Dong

"I am so thankful to be able to go to Cheryl's classes. She always starts class with a mindful thought; followed by invigorating, expansive movements that push you to your limit. Every class is filled with love, concern and a sense of great fun. I always leave class grateful."

Susan Yoo

"Cheryl is one of the most amazing yoga instructors that I've ever encountered. I am not a regular Yogi, however, I do enjoy yoga from time to time. Cheryl's high energy is very encouraging. She is careful to ensure that newbies like myself are taken care of and adjusted as needed. She is insightful and I love her dharma talks as well. Let's not forget the music on her playlists! Always great music to move to and then settle down to. It's clear that she takes great care in each facet of her teachings. I love Cheryl's classes and would recommend everyone try her classes now! Don't wait!"

JaVonne Armstrong

"I began my practice nine months ago. Cheryl Barclay was one of my very first instructors. Through her guidance, the practice of yoga and its principles have become firmly embedded in my life. I practice in Cheryl's class weekly. Some weeks are better than others for me, but Cheryl always encourages us to work through the poses. In her class there is no judgment. She teaches us that yoga is not about ego, body image or perfection. Yoga is about finding yourself and your own unique perfection. Thanks Cheryl, you are the best!"

Marcia Moore

"What I love about Cheryl's classes is her consistency. Every time you walk in the door, you know exactly what you're going to get...and that you're going to love it. You always know it's going to be a challenge and that she is going to bring a bright energy. She gives us something to think about before we start that inspires us through class and it's something we can take with us when we leave class. These are the reasons why I keep coming back."

Maria-Danielle Casinelli

"Grace. Power. Strength. Discipline. Happiness. Peace. This is what Cheryl gave me just moments into her class. I've never looked back. She's become a permanent fixture in my weekly schedule. I'm so blessed to have heard, 'Hello, my name is Cheryl for those of you whom I don't yet know.' And so my journey began."

Katherine Teixeira-Christie

"Over a year ago, I started slacking in my yoga practice. Between life and just finding an instructor to really keep me engaged and excited about going to class I started to drift away from it. Then I walked into Cheryl's class, and I was hooked again! She made the class fun, her dharma talks at the beginning of class really resounded with me and she truly creates a relationship with her students. When you walk in and Cheryl greets you by name; that's community, not just another class. And Cheryl is a yoga BEAST! The workout you get is AMAZING! Always love attending her classes! She truly is an amazing instructor and human being."

Maritza Santiago

"Yoga class with Cheryl is a powerful and spiritual experience that I look forward to every week. Her motivational messages throughout class are a blessing to my spirit and are always in line with whatever is going on in my life. Cheryl is an awesome gifted teacher. Namaste."

Karen Love

"Cheryl is an inspiring teacher; full of energy, positivity and grace. Beyond the amazing workout, you leave each class with a renewed sense of spirit. She has an innate ability to bring people together through the power of our yoga practice."

Graciela Meza

"I have been taking Cheryl's yoga class for many years and truly love her way of teaching. Her method is a perfect mix of challenging, encouraging, instructional and relaxing. I always leave the class feeling great!!"

Nancy Schmidt

"Cheryl is everything you could want in a yoga instructor and more. I've been taking her 5:45 am class consistently for years and she comes in full of energy and positivity every time. No matter the shape I'm in, her class challenges me physically and mentally, and I always walk away feel uplifted and ready to take on my day. She has a wonderful gift of having a fun, engaging and genuinely kindhearted spirit. If you haven't tried her class yet, I hope you do as you will be very glad you did..." 

Jennifer Furey

"I started taking Cheryl's class about a year ago. I have become a regular at her Saturday morning class. Her positive energy fills the room from the moment she steps into the room until the last "Om". It is obvious to me and I think to everyone who takes Cheryl's class not only that she is a skilled teacher, but she truly loves yoga and sharing that love with her students. She encourages everyone to practice our yoga as one community. At the the same time she gives the freedom to express our own individuality.
I could talk about how awesome Cheryl is as teacher and as a person for days. The best thing I could suggest to anyone new to yoga or if you're a person who has been practicing for years, is to try Cheryl's class and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did."

Darryl Bailey

"I have been practicing yoga for over ten years, with Cheryl for the past four, and in that time she quickly became my favorite teacher. She brings a wonderful energy to each class. Her sequences are beautifully choreographed – challenging while flowing smoothly between asanas. From the first Om through Savasana she masterfully leads the group’s breath and movement. She also weaves spirituality into the flow, starting and ending with a reading, drawing each of us to explore our own perspective. Her classes leave me feeling energized, connected and at peace. I have recently started my own journey with a 200 hour Teacher Training course and now have even greater respect for Cheryl’s teaching. She connects very well with the class and shows compassion with each student. She creates incredible sequences, leading the class with just the right amount of cues – balancing form, energy and breath. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to have her as a role model."      

Lauren Foss

"Just wanted to take a moment to memorialize in writing just how Awesome Cheryl Barclay's yoga class makes me feel. Not only is Cheryl's class energetic and demanding, it also has a serene quality which helps me stay in the moment. Hands down a wonderful practice which I have gratefully incorporated into my lifestyle. Namaste."

Anthony Johnson

Soulful Empowerment through Movement and Sound

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